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Re: Screen Freeze on F7

On Tue, 2007-07-24 at 12:34 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
> Alan M. Evans wrote:
> > On Tue, 2007-07-24 at 09:24 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
> >> Mem:    482776k total,   475472k used,     7304k free,    29076k buffers
> >> Swap:        0k total,        0k used,        0k free,   163588k cached
> > 
> > [...]
> > 
> >> This means it was using the swap partition on the hard drive.
> > 
> > What swap partition? Your system doesn't have any swap(?!?).
> > 
> > Your memory usage is almost completely saturated and you have *NO* swap
> > to fall back on. If it hasn't already then you're kernel freemem killer
> > is very soon going to start cutting the legs from beneath random
> > programs all over your process list.
> > 
> > 
> 	Alan please explain why 163588k cached Swap drive is not enough?

Top's summary-box output is not formatted in the most informative way
possible.  Try the "free" command and you'll see the same output
arranged differently.  That makes it somewhat clearer that the "cached"
field doesn't refer to "cached swap"--it refers to disk data cached in

You have 0k total swap.

                Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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