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Re: F7 nvidia-96xx driver problem

Frank Cox wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Jul 2007 07:15:52 +0800
> Ed Greshko <Ed Greshko greshko com> wrote:
>> I'm not trivializing your experiences, just saying that not all people share
>> your experiences and it may be best to note that in your replies.
> I can't disagree with your statement here, but that's really not the point that
> Mr. Friedman has been incorrectly asserting.

All I can say is that I do not recall any instance of someone posting
problems here on the Fedora list with the open "nv" driver any anyone
jumping in with a fix.  I could be wrong since I generally don't pay
attention to each and every post...especially those using drivers that I'm
not using.  If you know of such an instance, it would be nice to see it.

> To address your reply, however, I believe that I have stated here before that I
> currently use and recommend Intel graphic chipsets entirely due to the
> open-source nature of their drivers.  I have had a substantial influence on
> what gets sold in my neighbourhood for use with Linux (i.e. people who know me
> as the "computer guy" and come and ask questions, plus the local computer
> store whose owner is a friend of mine as well).

Again, not to trivialize, but it isn't hard to be known as the "computer
guy" in this day and age.  Even though my use of Win2K and Vista is what I
consider to be limited I am known as the "computer guy" with folks around
here and I end up fixing their issues.

> My most recent experience:  One guy that I know has been hassling around with
> his proprietary video card and Ubuntu for some months -- he mentioned to me
> yesterday that he is considering the purchase of a new computer to get away
> from video problems with what he has now.  "I wish I would have talked to you
> before I bought that piece of junk," he said.

And I am sure that the opposite has also been true for others.  Anecdotal
stories don't do much for me.

> As you say, everyone's experience may be different.  But I like the path of
> least resistance, in this case known as "just works".

And in my case going with the nvidia drivers has been the path of least
resistance and "just works".

The IBM 2250 is impressive ...
if you compare it with a system selling for a tenth its price.
		-- D. Cohen

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