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Re: scrambled panel

charles f. zeitler wrote:
this sunday my xga monitor started acting up,
the screen goes out & drops me to a login screen.

i switched to my back-up monitor, and same scene.

after re-attaching my xga monitor, i find my upper
panel scrambled, "apps" "places" and "system' are now right-center, launchers to the right,
clock left-center... and the 'move' function
is greyed out...

Drop to runlevel 3 or boot into runlevel 3 and run
system-config-display --reconfig

This should reconfigure your display from scratch and hopefully better.

This has to be performed as root user.

Another option is to run
X -configure
which will make a configuration file located in your directory called /root. If it works, you will have to move the created file to /etc/X11 from root and rename it as xorg.conf. You might have to control-alt-backspace to kill the server and there should be instructions at the prompt to test the configuration file.


is there some way to restore order to this sitch?


charles zeitler

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