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Re: F7 nvidia-96xx driver problem

Ed Greshko writes:

Sam Varshavchik wrote:

I said you can't compare 2 drivers whose functionally is different. My 27

Really?  One's a video driver, and the other one isn't?

There range of functionality is different.  One supports only 2D, the other 3D.

People are not having 3D issues with Nvidia's drivers. The issue they're having is getting them working at all, PERIOD.

The original poster of this thread wasn't complaining -- gee, nvidia works fine for me, for basic stuff, but something about the 3D part isn't working. When Nvidia breaks, it breaks COMPLETELY. 2D, 3D, and 4D, whatever.

On that basis it is a perfectly valid comparison. Nvidia binary blob's 2D support is horribly unstable, when compared to 2D support from nv. The reason that Nvidia's drivers are crap is not because of all the 3D code in them. People just can't get them to work, AT ALL. That's the problem.

gear mountain bike has more points of failure than my wife's single speed
bicycle.  Even though they are both bicycles it is folly to compare them.

No, it's not. Both of them are bicycles. It is perfectly reasonably to
compare their track record of reliability and performance. If the
multigear bike keeps breaking down, it doesn't get a free pass just
because it's got more bells and whistles on it.

OK, I'll race you on my 27 gear cycle and you take the single speed one.
I'm sure you can make a valid performance comparison.

We're not talking about racing, silly boy. We're taking about getting from point A to point B. And if your fancy 27 gear bike keeps breaking down, all the time, to the point that it doesn't go anywhere, then my simple bike will prove to be a much more reliable form of transformation than your uberbike.

No, you have an opinion as to what proportion of "folks" require and
actually need 3D accel. And the proportion is a small minority. Most
Linux users do not, and have no need for 3D acceleration. If someone
wants 1,000 FPS to play shoot-em-ups, they'll be running Windows, for
which a much larger game selection is available. Only a small minority
are grappling with 3D video on Linux, and those are the ones who keep
complaining about the binary blobs they're suffering with. The majority,
who use free drivers, you rarely hear from them, because for them,
everything Just Works™.

Thank you for telling me what my opinions are.  You're a physic too.  Maybe
you can also tell me why I need 3D?  I think you have no idea.  But, feel
free to guess.

You need 3D just so you can feel superior to the mere peons who don't.

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