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Re: Strange behaviour by user switcher in Fedora 7

On Fri, 27 Jul 2007 21:53:02 +0600
"Dr. Muhammad Masroor Ali" <mmasroorali cse buet ac bd> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I am facing a strange problem with the user switcher in Fedora 7 and
> can not seem to get the hang of it.
> Let us say that I (User A) am busy with my work with many windows
> open. Then my son (User B) wants to play games for say 30
> minutes. Since I want to resume as soon as he is finished, I (A) do
> not log out and use user switcher to log him (B) in. When he is done,
> he logs out properly (user switcher is not used). Then the problem
> occurs. The screen goes blank, where the screen lock for user A was
> supposed to appear.
> After some considerable period (n minutes), screen lock prompt for
> user A appears. Just on a hunch, I changed screen saver timeout for
> user A, and it appears that n has got something to do with this, but I
> am not sure.
> Could you please tell me what is happening? Is it a bug? A feature? Or
> I am missing something?
> Thanks in advance.

I don't know about this problem but there is a possibly related
bugzilla opened already.


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