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Re: cpu speed problem

>> It's generally a good idea to make use of rechargable batteries - run
>> the device they're meant for, using the batteries, from time to time.
>> Quite apart from the technical reasons, of keeping the batteries
>> alive, there's not much point owning them (and paying for them) if you
>> don't make use of them. 

Aaron Konstam: 
> Au contraire , there is lots o reasons. One is when I am running the
> machine at home for 3 hours with a battery that runs it for 2 hrs and 14
> minutes. On DELL D810 it is designed to run that way so why not?

I'm not quite sure what you're disagreeing with.

One of my points was that I don't see much sense in paying for a battery
if you're not going to use it as a battery, they're not cheap.  That
doesn't mean you have to use it all the time, but using some times would
do it good.

Batteries generally last the best when made use of.  Ones that sit there
unused, or always being charged, usually suffer.  Ones that sit in
equipment are often slightly discharging through the equipment, and
being trickled charged, constantly.  Consider yourself lucky if yours is
fine in those conditions.

Chargers are *sometimes* are fine to leave connected, as *some* are
designed *not* to keep on charging a battery needlessly.  Others are not
so intelligently designed.  (Whether that be the box you plug into the
wall, or circuitry in the laptop between battery and the power brick.)

Some laptops are not really good to run continuously, they may have not
so brilliant cooling.  They may use a laptop drive that's been designed
to last being turned on and off a lot, but not so much for continuous
running.  The opposite of most desktop drives.

There's a multitude of factors, and it's hard to say what's best for
some, it's even harder to attempt to say what's best for all.

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