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Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Fri Jun 1 00:16:42 UTC 2007

At 5:07 PM -0500 5/31/07, Styma, Robert E (Robert) wrote:
>> > The nice thing about the old system-config-mouse was that it gave
>> > you a list of mice from which you could pick a best match.  I have
>> > not stumbled across this list elsewhere.  I am currently
>> loading FC4 on
>> > a
>> > test machine and will see what kind of mouse configuration it
>> > comes up with for the new mouse.  I will then try copying that
>> > to my FC6 machine and see what happens.
>> >
>> > Bob S
>> Well I confused the issue by posting the FC4 xorg.conf in answer to a
>> previous question like this. But two further comments are interesting:
>> I have used a PS/2 mouse on a system with 7 computers and one mouse
>> through a KVM and it worked well.
>> Second, FC6 has a different attitude towards mice. There is no mouse
>> configuration clause in my xorg.conf on my FC6 machine with a
>> PS/2 mouse
>> so I don't know whether FC4 information will be useful on FC6.
>> Although , our colleague Tim says this problem is rampant I have never
>> experienced or heard of it before. But is it exists I am sure it is a
>> hardware problem.
>The new optical wheel mouse works fine if I plug it directly into the
>machine.  It is only through the KVM that things get messed up.  The
>old mouse works fine through the KVM.  The /etc/X11/xorg.conf file does
>have an input selection with a protocol for the mouse.  If you run
>Xorg -configure
>from run level 3, it puts a protocol of "auto" in there on an FC6
>The Xorg doc says that the mouse is probed on the fly.  It appears all
>the information needed is not getting through the KVM for "auto" to work
>correctly.  I am hoping that by using an older Fedora which still used
>, I can determine what the protocol is that would be detected if
>everything worked.  I would then code that in the appropriate place in
>the xorg.conf file.  This of course may not work, but it is the best
>idea I have at the moment.

Look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log for "Mouse".  You will find the protocol that
was selected.  "man mousedrv" will give more information about the options.
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