Multiple applications won't start since last FC 6.93 update and F7 upgrade

Langdon Stevenson langdon at
Fri Jun 1 04:26:02 UTC 2007

Just prior to the release of F7 a large number of packages of me FC 6.93 
system were updated by the Fedora update manager (about 124 packages in 

Since then a number of application including Gnome Terminal and 
Rhythmbox have stopped working.  These applications will not start when 
chosen from the applications menu.  Typically Bug Buddy pops up instead.

Since the F7 update Open Office no-longer works either.  It trys to 
start, then just vanishes.

These are all packages that I have installed using the Package Manager 
and they ran fine before the two updates

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I should proceed trying to 
debug this problem?  I am relatively new to Linux on the desktop and am 
finding this hard going.


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