F7 thinks I got SCSI disks.

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Fri Jun 1 10:04:56 UTC 2007

On 6/1/07, Erik P. Olsen <epodata at gmail.com> wrote:
> After having booted the F7 installation DVD and entered my language and keyboard
>   choices I get a warning box saying I got more than 15 partitions on /dev/sdb
> and that the SCSI subsystem in the Linux kernel does not allow that.
> The are two problems in this. First: I do not have SCSI disks on my system, I
> have two IDE disks of 120 GBs each. Secondly: I have 16 partitions on /dev/hdb
> which have never posed any problem for me, in fact I have /var on /dev/hdb16 and
> my FC5 has be rock stable.
All disks are now 'SCSI' disks. In other words, that is how the system
identifies them. Not sure about the limits on the number of partitions
you are allowed to have per disk.

> If I continue on from this warning it correctly identifies the two Linux systems
> but incorrectly places them on SCSI devices (/dev/sdb5 and /dev/sdb13). And I
> dare not continue any further.
> My intention is to remove FC3 and install F7 in its place while keeping FC5 as
> my primary system until F7 is ready for production. What sort of risks may I
> expect if I go on with the installation? Will it eventually break down when it
> realises that the disks indeed are not SCSI disks? Or is there a way to tell
> anaconda what sort of disks it really is?
Someone more knowledgeable than me will have to comment on your
partitioning scheme. That is the only problem I see.

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