Where is Fedora 7 "Everything" spin?

tom tfreeman at intel.digichem.net
Fri Jun 1 15:02:05 UTC 2007

On Fri, 1 Jun 2007, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> vvmarko at panet.co.yu wrote:
>> How am I to install F7 on a machine with no network?
> If you *all* of the packages on a machine with no network you can create such 
> a DVD yourself with Pungi (which ships with a everything manifest to do this 
> easily) or use the Revisor graphical tool to create your own custom spin. 
> Pungi is in the repository and Revisor has already been committed and would 
> be available within a day.

Rahul - I realize I can search for Pungi &/or Revisor to find the 
documentation. I further realize that right at the moment, your life 
probably feels more like a pitched battle than a life. So please take the 
next sentiment with a grain of salt and the last bit of this week's ration 
of good humor.

Would it kill you to note a URL to either of the mentioned packages' 
documentation sites??  Please??

I'll note that I for for one, and I expect many others, will archive your 
note in hopes that when the information is needed, we can find it again 
and save a pile of effort. Since I'm not ready to fight the network 
congestion for F7 this moment, I'm also not ready to thnk about a possible 
respin effort either.

Thanks for the use of everybody's bandwidth.

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