bittorrent speed way too low, what possible causes?

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Fri Jun 1 19:47:25 UTC 2007

Around or about Friday 01 June 2007 09:36 am, stan spake thusly:

> Hi,
> I used torrent to get the F7 live CD and DVD images.  And then let it
> run overnight to seed.  I've tested my system with the online speed
> sites and my upload is ~540 KB/sec.  My service from Cox says 512 -
> 2MB/sec.
> Yet bittorrent-curses maxed out at around 70 KB/sec.  I used the
> max_upload_rate = 0 to let it go at the maximum rate.
> I tried with the ports open and closed, no difference.
> Is there something else that would limit the upload speed from
> bittorrent?
> I don't mind running torrents overnight as seeds as nothing
> else is happening anyway.  But at these speeds it hardly seems
> worthwhile.

I'm a customer too. I'm beginning to think that not only are they
throttling BitTorrent downloads, but that they are throttling any downloads
of .iso files, period (if that's possible).  BitTorrent has been so slow
that I gave up a few times and tried downloading from various mirrors all
over the planet and the result was the same.

In fact, as long as I'm downloading iso files (via BitTorrent, ftp, or http)
I'm timing out on anything on the Internet (Email, Usenet, you name it).

I've never had this problem with Cox before. It must be a new thing.

To say it has me very unhappy is an understatement.

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