bittorrent speed way too low, what possible causes?

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Fri Jun 1 21:21:23 UTC 2007

Around or about Friday 01 June 2007 01:42 pm, Robin Laing spake thusly:

> Scott (angrykeyboarder) wrote:
>> Around or about Friday 01 June 2007 09:36 am, stan spake thusly:
>>> Hi,
>>> I used torrent to get the F7 live CD and DVD images.  And then let it
>>> run overnight to seed.  I've tested my system with the online speed
>>> sites and my upload is ~540 KB/sec.  My service from Cox says 512 -
>>> 2MB/sec.
>>> Yet bittorrent-curses maxed out at around 70 KB/sec.  I used the
>>> max_upload_rate = 0 to let it go at the maximum rate.
>>> I tried with the ports open and closed, no difference.
>>> Is there something else that would limit the upload speed from
>>> bittorrent?
>>> I don't mind running torrents overnight as seeds as nothing
>>> else is happening anyway.  But at these speeds it hardly seems
>>> worthwhile.
>> I'm a customer too. I'm beginning to think that not only are they
>> throttling BitTorrent downloads, but that they are throttling any
>> downloads
>> of .iso files, period (if that's possible).  BitTorrent has been so slow
>> that I gave up a few times and tried downloading from various mirrors all
>> over the planet and the result was the same.
>> In fact, as long as I'm downloading iso files (via BitTorrent, ftp, or
>> http) I'm timing out on anything on the Internet (Email, Usenet, you name
>> it).
>> I've never had this problem with Cox before. It must be a new thing.
>> To say it has me very unhappy is an understatement.
> I it interesting that you mention the fact that everything has gotten
> bad when you use anything that requires large amounts of bandwidth.
> One of the Cable ISP's in Canada (Rogers I believe) has gone to full
> filtering and some have found that VPN connections and any encrypted
> packets are very slow.
> It sure sounds like filtering.  If you search you will find that this is
> not a new problem.  The first step was to encrypt the data bittorrent
> packets to get around the filtering.  Now ISP's are looking at all
> packets.  This could be the issue.  Call your ISP's support staff when
> this occurs.  Tell all your friends to do the same and get in touch with
> the press.  Bad press is not what companies want to hear.  Look at other
> options.

My ISP does have a monthly bandwidth limit (20 GB download). I didin't think
I'd hit it. Perhaps i have.....

The last time I checked on Broadband Reports, Cox wasn't listed among those
who filter. I'll take another look.

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