Fedora 7: Finishing upgrade process. This may take a little while...

William Perkins wperkins at patriot.net
Fri Jun 1 23:08:57 UTC 2007

The Fedora 7 upgrade took four hours just to get to the "Finishing 
upgrade process", and now it has been four more hours waiting
for the "Finishing upgrade process" to finish.  Running top shows 
that anaconda is switching between running and sleeping, and a
series of single ldconfig processes that come and go (process
number increments) that switch from running to uninterruptable 
sleep before terminating.  I think I may need to kill the upgrade
but I am hoping that one of these days the upgrade will finish.
I am wondering if this is normal when doing upgrades rather than
a fresh install.  The latter takes so long to get the system 
back to the original configuration.  Any suggestions?


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