Open TCP Port -> Write Bytes -> Wait-> Close Port = Nothing, Out?

David G. Miller dave at
Sat Jun 2 03:05:52 UTC 2007

Lance Drake <lance at> wrote:

> Hi Fedora Folks,
> Any idea why, when I successfully open a TCP:PORT connection - write  
> bytes into the port - wait PLENTY of time - Close Port - that nothing  
> leaves ?
> The exact same code (from within a duplicate JBoss deployment  
> situation) runs on my Mac system - but does not work on Fedora...  
> hmmmm...
> Any ideas on how to prove/locate where the bytes-ball gets dropped?
> Thanks!
> Lance Drake
iptables or selinux could be blocking what you're trying to do.  Put 
selinux into permissive mode if it isn't already, stop iptables and 
re-run your test.  If it still doesn't work, hmmm...  What is listening 
on that port that should be doing something with the incoming data?


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