Multiple Fedoras

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Sat Jun 2 04:44:32 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-06-02 at 02:42 +0200, Frode Petersen wrote:
> If you take care at keeping UIDs and GIDs consistent, I think it would
> be safe to
> 1. Keep all your work files in a ~/work directory on the home
> partition.
> 2. In the second OS, mount the home partition to something like 
> /mnt/otherOS/home
> 3. symlink the work directory into your new home directory.
> Or maybe
> 1. Use a separate partition for /home/<username>/work
> 2. Edit /etc/fstab to mount this on the OS' you want it available in. 

I do something similar.  I have a spare partition that I symlink between
personal sub-directories and home space.

e.g. Inside /home/tim have a symlink to /space/tim/

I do something similar with storage space networked, symlinking from
the /net/server/home/tim/stuff into /home/tim/network/.

You can keep your personal files anywhere you like, though large files
that need high speed access are usually better off locally stored.

(This box runs FC6, my others run FC4 & FC5, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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