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Tim ignored_mailbox at
Sat Jun 2 05:43:47 UTC 2007

Scott (angrykeyboarder):
>> I'd suggest getting yourself a DVD burner. They're dirt cheap. :)

Mike McCarty:
> I dunno where you get your dirt, but here in Dallas, Texas I can
> get dirt quite a bit cheaper.
> I strongly recommend to Fedora Project not to abandon people
> who aren't well-heeled.

Seconded!  Here, they're generally around $90 (Australian Dollars).  For
a lot of people, that's somewhere around a whole day's wages.  You'd
have to be a plumber to earn that much an hour (it pays well, but the
conditions are ...).  It's not the kind of money that a lot of people
can throw around on a whim.

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 important to the thread.)

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