strange shutdowns with F7

Claude Jones claude_jones at
Sat Jun 2 13:16:17 UTC 2007

I had Scientific Linux running on this box without issues for days - that was 
a fresh install from a couple of weeks back. I'm also running Windows XP on 
this machine, and it seems to be fine

I put F7 on last night and it went without incident. I came down this am, and 
the machine was off. I noticed it doing fsck on boot-up so I figured maybe 
there was a power incident, though I'm on UPS, and my other machine (this 
one) was still up which is on the same UPS. I booted back into F7 - it was up 
and running and I went back to the this machine (I'm on a KVM) - a few 
minutes later, the F7 machine went dead - you know the sound a sort 
of 'klunk' and then silence. I wasn't on the machine either time. Anyone else 
seeing this? 
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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