Installing F7 by CD and not by DVD

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Sat Jun 2 15:17:08 UTC 2007

On Saturday 02 June 2007 11:04:01 am Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
> > boot from CD, DVD or usb.  I found that ripping the hard disk out and
> > putting it in a more modern system is the easiest way to install
> > Fedora on it.  (In fact I'm watching the install of F7 on the P-II's
> > disk finish as I type this.)
> Sorry, mate.
> If it were really that difficult to install Fedora,
> I would go for another distribution before "ripping my hard disk out"
> (whatever that means).

I agree - it is usually unnecessary. I usually pull off the vmlinuz and initrd 
from the DVD and boot them directly out of grub for installing. Then I 
usually do a network install from another computer which has the image. You 
could also do a local hard drive install if you have enough space on a 
non-root partition to hold the DVD .iso image.

 I in fact do installs this way even when I have a CD or a DVD - its faster.


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