bittorrent speed way too low, what possible causes?

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Sat Jun 2 16:38:16 UTC 2007

At 12:50 PM +1000 6/2/07, David Timms wrote:
>2. Do you use a domestic NAT router ? If it wasn't designed with
>peer2peer in mind, in may have a limited session table of 100 sessions,
>or problems under high port forwarding condtions. In this case you could
>try a router that is known to be better in the peer2peer world.

Would having fewer open upload ports help?  Or in bittorrent-curses,
restrict the number of peers with --max_incomplete (default 100) (or
--max_uploads (default unlimited), or --max_initiate (default 60)?), or set
a restricted range with --maxport and --minport?
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