Fedora 7: Finishing upgrade process. This may take a little while...

Tony Nelson tonynelson at georgeanelson.com
Sat Jun 2 16:38:07 UTC 2007

At 1:33 PM +1000 6/2/07, David Timms wrote:
>How many total packages do you have installed ? {one way: rpm
>-qa>rpm-qa.txt and then view rpm-qa.txt in gedit, and go to bottom to
>see line number in status bar}.

As long as you're starting with the command line, why not finish that way?
Use wc (WordCount):

    rpm -qa | wc -l

>Note that upgrades require min of 512MB RAM [to do the package
>dependency calculation in], and also approximately the same amount of
>free space on disk  as the currently installed OS files take. This is
>because all new packages are installed, and then the old packages are
>"Cleaned up" {erased}.

Hmm, *nix has a thing called "swap", which allows one to trade time for
RAM.  It will just be lots slower if it has to swap.
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