Tired of making coasters

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Sat Jun 2 17:42:41 UTC 2007

David G. Miller wrote:

> Yes, it's a problem in this case.  I would like to confirm that specific 
> functionality works with the Fedora 64-bit kernel.  As an example, my 
> laptop has a Broadcom 4306 wireless NIC that currently only works with 
> ndiswrapper when running with a 64-bit kernel.  It seems like 64-bit is 
> the poor step-child when it comes to things like wireless support, 
> memory card readers, etc.  Anything that doesn't work 64-bit but works 
> under 32-bit tends to get a response of, "Just run 32-bit."

That likely to be the case for quite sometime. The user base in over 80% 
still on x86 possibly because some popular proprietary software hasn't 
moved over.


I doubt that any combination of Live or regular images would fit into 
all end user/system admin/developer requirements which is one of the 
reasons there is a focus on spinning your own.



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