Fedora 7 install: DISK failure consideration

Tony Nelson tonynelson at georgeanelson.com
Sat Jun 2 22:24:02 UTC 2007

At 1:54 PM -0300 6/2/07, Sebastian Gurovich wrote:
>I guess my questions are:
>Can I make 1 LVM Group Volume over several physical partitions and later
>adjust Logical Volume capacities as needed? <and> Will this give me better
>chances to survive a potential hard drive catastrophe?
>You can have only 4 primary partitions. One and only one of the four
>primary partitions can be an extended partition.
>OK thanks so Maybe then I need to
>(1) NTFS
>(2) Boot
>(3) Home
>(4) /, /tmp, Swap
>with "/", "/tmp" and Swap being logical partitions in the extended
>partition BUT all logical partitions in (3) and (4) part of the same LVM
>Group Volume so I can adjust capacities of "/", "/home" "/tmp" and "Swap"
>individually. Would this work?

Yes, but it won't do it the way you are thinking.  All the partitions would
be part of the Volume Group, and would be parcelled out as Logical Volumes
with no regard to your scheme.  It is more flexible than using fixed-size
Basic partitions, but it is less safe, as there are both Basic partitions
and LVM structures.  Note, if you have allocated space to a Logical Volume
and sized the filesystem on that volume to use all the space, in order to
move space to another Logical Volume you would need to 1) shrink the
filesystem, 2) shrink the Logical Volume it is on, 3) grow the desired
Logical Volume, 4) grow the filesystem on the desired Logical Volume.
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