Fedora 7 CD iso files?

Knute Johnson knute at frazmtn.com
Sat Jun 2 23:42:05 UTC 2007

>On 6/2/07, Philip Walden <pwaldenlinux at pacbell.net> wrote:
>> I was looking at the download area an only the DVD iso is available.
>> My older PC will only boot from a CD. Is there a download URL for the CD
>> iso files?
>> Phil
>If you checked the topics flying through the list today you would have
>learned that the multi-disc CD option is no longer available.
>You can use either the Live CD or the Rescue CD to perform an initial
>installation. Packages not included on the Live CD to hard drive
>installation may be obtained using YUM.

That works fine but you can't upgrade an existing installation 
without a DVD drive or a complicated (and not really documented so 
that a linux blivet can do it) set of procedures.

I am really disappointed by this.  I don't want to have to go buy a 
DVD drive for my mail server which is an older computer (with no 
guarantee that it will work).  I just wanted to upgrade my mail 
server to F7 without a lot of hassles.  The live CDs are fun to play 
with but I would have rather had a dead CD that I could use to 
upgrade my FC5 and FC6 installations.

I did install the F7 live CD on my desktop but I had to destroy the 
partitions that had xubuntu on them to get it to install.  I didn't 
really care about the xubuntu but I would have rather kept it.

I saw somebody complain that it doesn't work with his laptop and the 
answer he got was "there is always somebody's laptop that it won't 
work with."  I'd rather trade all the trick stuff for "it works with 
everybody's computer" just like Winblows.

Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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