fedora as a gateway / server

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Sun Jun 3 02:21:12 UTC 2007


Thanks for the replies and my apologies for taking so long to get back
to you.  As you can see, this might just take me awhile.  :)   I know I
will have more questions, but, I'll keep track of what I do.  Someone
might make use of it. 

Now, a few answers to your questions...

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> From: Aaron Konstam

> I am suspicious , however, about your having a web server on your LAN
> you mean to serve the rest of the world. My mythology is that DSL ISPs
> don't like to have web service clogging up their DSL lines. And they
> arrange the DSL speeds to make that less viable.

The web server is to serve internally only for 'play' amongst the family

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> From: Tim
> > In addition, it would be nice to have another Linux box (Pentium
> > acting as a web/db/file server.  I plan to use Apache and Oracle for
> > this.
> You can run a server on the same machine, but it's generally 
> a bad idea
> to make a firewall dual-purpose.  An exploit in one of the other
> services could be used to kill the firewall.  Stand-alone 
> firewalls are
> the most secure way to do it (whether they're a computer or a 
> dedicated
> hardware box).

PII will be for the firewall only and the PIII will be for the

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> From: Tim
> Do not regard a modem/router as a firewall, unless it specifically
> offers that feature, and you enable it.  I've seen a few that 
> try to be
> helpful and pass incoming connections through to the LAN (so that
> clueless users can swap files, etc., without needing to know anything
> about special configuration of their gear).

The DSL Modem has some very rudimentary settings but, I was more
interested in learning how to do this with a standa-alone box.

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> From: Mark Haney
> I'd almost use MySQL or something a little 
> lighter to reduce resource usage on it.

I was planning on Oracle because I am used to it; as a user and as a
DBA.  But, I will have to keep MySQL in mind.  

And finally, thanks to Les and John for the links.  I will include them
in my 'edumecation'. 


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