Installing F7 by CD and not by DVD

Philip Walden pwaldenlinux at
Sun Jun 3 02:40:46 UTC 2007

Ed Greshko wrote:
> Timothy Murphy wrote:
>> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>> There are several choices here:
>>> Use the Live CD images
>>> Use the boot.iso/rescue.iso and do a network installation from
>>> http/ftp/nfs
>>> Use boot.iso/rescue.iso, put the DVD image in the hard disk in one
>>> partition and install it another partition.
>> There are several choices, I agree.
>> (I am using one of them.)
>> But this does not alter the fact that
>> the decision to drop the CD installation set
>> was completely incomprehensible, to me at least.
>> You might as well put up a banner reading,
>> "Don't install Fedora if you are a home user.
>> Try Ubuntu instead."
>> Surely the aim should be to make it as easy as possible
>> for as many people as possible to install Fedora.
>> It is not meant to be an obstacle race.
> OK....maybe I'm an idiot (please don't ask my wife).
> But I just did the following....
> 1.  Downloaded Fedora-7-KDE-Live-i686.iso via bit torrent.
> 2.  Burned the CD.
> 3.  Booted from the CD.
> 4.  When KDE came up I clicked on the large "Install to Disk" icon and the
> OS installed to HD.
> 5.  Rebooted the system from HD.
> 6.  Answered the questions in the "First Boot Dialog".
> 7.  Logged in as the user created in #6 and then ran the package manager to
> add what I wanted that wasn't on the CD.  This downloaded the rest of the
> packages from the net.
> 8.  I'm done.
> AFAIK, this is *exactly* what Ubuntu does.
> So, what am I missing?
How would you do an upgrade from FC6 this way? I do not want to do a 
clean install?

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