Fedora 7 CD iso files?

Thomas Cameron thomas.cameron at camerontech.com
Sun Jun 3 04:53:27 UTC 2007

Knute Johnson wrote:
>> On Sat, 02 Jun 2007 16:42:05 -0700
>> Knute Johnson <knute at frazmtn.com> wrote:
>>> That works fine but you can't upgrade an existing installation 
>>> without a DVD drive or a complicated (and not really documented so 
>>> that a linux blivet can do it) set of procedures.
>> You already have a mail server and a desktop machine.  Why not copy the
>> dvdimage and host a nfs server on one (which will take you about 3 minutes to
>> set up), and boot off of the cdrom boot.iso on the other; upgrade it.  Then copy
>> the dvd image to the other, host a nfs server on that, and upgrade it.
>> Assuming that they are in the same room (or can be brought into the same room)
>> it won't take any longer to do it this way than it would take to shuffle
>> all of those CD's around.  Really!
> They are on a different network and nfs is not installed on the mail 
> server.  Installing it is probably not a big problem but that 
> computer is connected directly to the net and I don't think I want 
> nfs exposed to the world.  And the mail server is downstairs in the 
> garage and my desktop isn't.  Then add to that that I have no idea 
> how nfs works or how to configure it or how to do an install with it. 
>  I'm not opposed to learning new skills but I don't have unlimited 
> time to fool with this.

OK, lemme get this straight.  You're going to do an in-place upgrade on 
a PRODUCTION mail server without having done it on an identical 
development/test environment first?

Are you insane?

> CDs are simple and fairly reliable (more so now that I figured out 
> how solve the media check problem).  My mail server is still at FC5 
> because I didn't want to risk blowing it up when I upgraded it.  Now 
> it is time to upgrade and there are no disks.  Upgrading is hazardous 
> enough without having to drag computers around, change their 
> addresses, do an install that I can't find any real instructions for 
> and drag my desktop downstairs.

Why don't you just put the DVD iso image on the mail server's hard 
drive, burn the boot.iso file to CD, boot off of it with the command 
"linux askmethod" and tell it to install off your local disk?  Easy as 
can be.

> I think maybe I'll just change my mail server computer to ubuntu 
> server.  They just upgrade from the net.  No disks.

Why do people like you think this will make us go all aquiver and fall 
to our knees begging you to stay, professing the error of our ways?

I mean, seriously, your whole argument is "I'm too lazy to do this the 
right way, maybe I should go to Ubuntu!  That'll be cool!"

If you seriously think moving from Fedora to Ubuntu is going to be 
easier than just doing your freaking due diligence around this upgrade, 
then hey, knock yourself out.

Otherwise, ask smart questions, do the work necessary to run your 
environment in a sane fashion, and don't be a jerk.


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