F7 on HP dv1220us laptop

Bill R. Williams brwilliams at chartertn.net
Sun Jun 3 06:24:43 UTC 2007

WOW! I am absolutely knocked out!

I just installed Fedora 7 on my HP dv1220us laptop.

When originally I put FC4 on the laptop, getting the video and
wireless up and running required a lot of digging and manual

BUT with the installation of Fedora 7 on the dv1220us:
* It saw and correctly configured my laptop's 1280x768 widescreen.
* My onboard wireless (ipw2200) came up as soon as activated
  NetworkManagerDispatcher and NetworkManager.
  ? Yet to see how the setup (supplicant) works with the LEAP/PEAP
    authentication -- anybody already done this please offer your

So far it looks great.  I'm sure there are some things I will stumble
on that are not what I'm used to, but so far I am VERY IMPRESSED!
Thanks Fedora team.  Thanks HP.  Thanks Intel for the Linux friendly
wifi, audio and video chipsets.

Just one user's experience for whatever benefit it may be to others.
 Bill R. Williams        <brwilliams AT chartertn DOT net>

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