Fedora 7 CD iso files?

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Sun Jun 3 09:47:44 UTC 2007

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Ric Moore wrote:

> You're gonna use a chicken foot? Wave hands hovery hovery over the
> desktop and it'll happen?? One CD minimum, as you must have SOMETHING to
> give the machine instructions to install from. The ubuntu crowd will be
> slobbering like a wide-mouth mule with a narrow mouth bit, anticipating
> your arrival. 

Ooh, voodoo!  :-)

My install, in its inexplicable fashion, went a bit oddly, to be sure.
I bittorrented both the DVD and live CD for my platform under FC6,
burned the live CD and checked it out and immediately had problems with
it recognizing my video card (which was the same one I had been using
all along).  No problem, I can deal w/ that later I thought...
Subsequently I got a dialog box asking to figure it out and was able to
get both the video working AND have the X server come up.  Idiot glee!
Having both the rescue CD burned and the DVD available I decided to do a
local install.  I booted and did the dance w/ the video card &c. The DVD
install starts and all is going fine until it needs an esound package
(at this point I don't recall which one) and I retried several times w/
similar results. I then, in my infinite wisdom (ha!) allowed it to
reboot as I at this point deduced that the media was probably the
problem.  I deftly inserted the live CD and brought it up and when all
was settled down just clicked on the Install icon and proceeded in that
fashion which then led to a rather straightforward install.

On the other appendage, I could have just mounted the DVD image as it
WAS sitting on the drive and gone that root I guess and by this point I
just wanted to get the thing loaded.

Everything seems to be working correctly so far and I am adding bits and
pieces that I had initially forgotten about.  I still have FC6 set up
and wrote a small shell script to mount it if I feel the need to get
files that somehow got forgotten in the installation.

I am quite happy that I now have a single (Live) CD that I can pass on
to others to try and I do NOT miss having to snag the 6 CD set.

So it goes...


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