What to do after yum install bugzilla?

Don Russell fedora at drussell.dnsalias.com
Sun Jun 3 13:27:53 UTC 2007

I've just upgraded from FC6 to F7.

This is my own personal system, and I thought for fun I'd install
bugzilla to keep track of my own issues etc.

yum install bugzilla went fine... but now, every 15 minutes I get an e-mail:

Can't connect to the database.
Error: Unknown database 'bugs'
  Is your database installed and up and running?
  Do you have the correct username and password selected in localconfig?

That's an improvement... I added the user "bugs" to mySQL and issued the
proper mySQL GRANT... statements.

One of the privs granted was "create"... I expected bugzilla to create
whatever it needs....

Where do I find this "localconfig" file? man bugzilla says no manual
entry for bugzilla

Any help/suggestions are appreciated. :-)


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