Fedora 7 CD iso files?

Knute Johnson knute at frazmtn.com
Sun Jun 3 19:09:51 UTC 2007

>Knute Johnson wrote:
>>> On Sat, 02 Jun 2007 16:42:05 -0700
>>> Knute Johnson <knute at frazmtn.com> wrote:
>>>> That works fine but you can't upgrade an existing installation 
>>>> without a DVD drive or a complicated (and not really documented so 
>>>> that a linux blivet can do it) set of procedures.
>>> You already have a mail server and a desktop machine.  Why not copy the
>>> dvdimage and host a nfs server on one (which will take you about 3 minutes to
>>> set up), and boot off of the cdrom boot.iso on the other; upgrade it.  Then copy
>>> the dvd image to the other, host a nfs server on that, and upgrade it.
>>> Assuming that they are in the same room (or can be brought into the same room)
>>> it won't take any longer to do it this way than it would take to shuffle
>>> all of those CD's around.  Really!
>> They are on a different network and nfs is not installed on the mail 
>> server.  Installing it is probably not a big problem but that 
>> computer is connected directly to the net and I don't think I want 
>> nfs exposed to the world.  And the mail server is downstairs in the 
>> garage and my desktop isn't.  Then add to that that I have no idea 
>> how nfs works or how to configure it or how to do an install with it. 
>>  I'm not opposed to learning new skills but I don't have unlimited 
>> time to fool with this.
>OK, lemme get this straight.  You're going to do an in-place upgrade on 
>a PRODUCTION mail server without having done it on an identical 
>development/test environment first?
>Are you insane?

You can see my other post about the mail server twin.  So no I am not 
insane (a little paranoid maybe).

>> CDs are simple and fairly reliable (more so now that I figured out 
>> how solve the media check problem).  My mail server is still at FC5 
>> because I didn't want to risk blowing it up when I upgraded it.  Now 
>> it is time to upgrade and there are no disks.  Upgrading is hazardous 
>> enough without having to drag computers around, change their 
>> addresses, do an install that I can't find any real instructions for 
>> and drag my desktop downstairs.
>Why don't you just put the DVD iso image on the mail server's hard 
>drive, burn the boot.iso file to CD, boot off of it with the command 
>"linux askmethod" and tell it to install off your local disk?  Easy as 
>can be.

How will that work when the installer formats the drive?

>> I think maybe I'll just change my mail server computer to ubuntu 
>> server.  They just upgrade from the net.  No disks.
>Why do people like you think this will make us go all aquiver and fall 
>to our knees begging you to stay, professing the error of our ways?

I don't care if you quiver or beg.  Why would I?  If you don't want F 
to be usable by more people then you should be glad to get rid of me. 
 I just want a simple system that I can install or upgrade with a CD 
drive.  Who would want to keep me around?

>I mean, seriously, your whole argument is "I'm too lazy to do this the 
>right way, maybe I should go to Ubuntu!  That'll be cool!"

I'm not too lazy.  I spend way too much time keeping my Linux 
computers running or trying to get things to work on them that just 
install and run on Windows.

>If you seriously think moving from Fedora to Ubuntu is going to be 
>easier than just doing your freaking due diligence around this upgrade, 
>then hey, knock yourself out.

You should try harder to make me go away.  That was a pitiful 

>Otherwise, ask smart questions, do the work necessary to run your 
>environment in a sane fashion, and don't be a jerk.

I'm not the jerk here Mr. Pot.

I'll ask a smart question then.  My DVD image will be done 
downloading today, explain exactly how, in enough detail that I can 
actually get it to work, to install it to the hard drive of my mail 
server twin and upgrade that computer.

Or just call me a jerk and send me on my way, your choice.

Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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