F7 anaconda hangs 100% CPU while preparing to install packages

Deron Meranda deron.meranda at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 22:11:34 UTC 2007

I am trying to install Fedora 7 and it always hangs when it
is preparing to install the packages (after it has formatted
the filesystems and done package dependency checking).
The last thing appearing in the anaconda log file is:

  self.hostname = .....
  moving (1) to step installpackages
  Preparing to install packages

The system itself is NOT locked up.  I can interact with the
shell process, access the files on the DVD (/mnt/source) as
well as the files on the newly formatted hard drives

However the parent anaconda process (the one forked off
by /sbin/loader) though consumes 100% of the CPU while
apparently making no progress (I let it sit this way for 12
hours!)  No other processes are obviously consuming CPU.
I can 'kill -STOP' and 'kill -CONT' the process and it
changes states, so it doesn't appear to be a kernel lock
or anything like that.

There are no "yum" or "rpm" processes showing up in
the process list.

This is a 32-bit single CPU AMD Athlon XP 3200 (2200 MHz)
with 1 GB RAM.  It has two SATA WD Raptor hard drives.  They
are not set up in RAID, but the VolGroup00 is set to span
both of them.

How can I best determine what it is doing or why it won't
complete?  Is there a way to put it in a super-debug mode,
or some other logs, etc, that I should be looking at?


Deron Meranda

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