Cannot upgrade from FC6->F7. No upgrade option given in install screen.

Lou Spironello lspironello at
Sun Jun 3 22:23:05 UTC 2007

Hmm.  Thanks Brian for the response.

I'm in a bind.  I have no DVD burner and thus the reason for the use of the
Hard Disk
install.  I thought of a net install but i have to find room on another
machine which is
highly unlikely since the only available space is on a 350Mhz 10 year old
and it occasionally just stops in midstream.  So for all intents and
I can't use it for a 1 1/2 hour net install, especially in this hot weather
(no AC).
I asked on IRC before I downloaded the DVD and I was told that
the "isos" ARE on the DVD!  Well,  nada.

I think this might be classified as a bug?  What do you think?


On 6/3/07, Brian Millett <bmillett at> wrote:
> Lou Spironello escribío:
> > Dear Group:
> >
> > I'm 'having difficulty upgrading from FC6->F7.   I used the F7 recuse
> > CD  and the F7 DVD ISO in an attempt to
> > do a hard disk upgrade.  The DVD ISO passes the mediacheck.
> >
> > I boot the F7 Rescue CD,  select the Install/upgrade from the initial
> > screen.
> Well Lou,
>    I upgraded FC6 to F7 but I used the DVD for the entire process.
> For some reasone the rescue disk doesn't work.
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