Long boot delay probing hardware

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at infinity-ltd.com
Sun Jun 3 23:39:26 UTC 2007

Jim Dever wrote:
> Thanks to both of you for responding.  I was beginning to wonder if I
> was the only one with a similar problem.  I was looking for something
> like the noprobe option as well but since I'm fairly new to linux (mild
> dabbling on and off for years)I wasn't sure if I was blind or not.
> Please yell if you find a solution.
> Thanks!
Well, I don't have the problem, but I was looking to see if I could
help with your problem. I have had to use the noprode IDE option a
few times, as well as a few of the other rare boot options. I used
to run a lot of SCSI devices in the past.


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