F7: unable to upgrade from FC6 (weird hdaX errors)

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at insight.rr.com
Mon Jun 4 02:48:27 UTC 2007

Tony Nelson wrote:
> At 6:18 PM -0400 6/3/07, Jim Cornette wrote:
>> Tony Nelson wrote:
>>> At 12:58 AM +0530 6/4/07, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>>> Tony Nelson wrote:
>>>> I believe it does not affect LVM's.
>> If the lvm extends to the end of the partition table, the lvm might be
>> in trouble with the new setup. I had two lvms and the later lvm for swap
>> would not mount with the development version before I wasted FC6. The
>> lvm located on the disk physically before the end of new sector scheme
>> would mount previously.
>> Just an insight, not to challenge any response.
> During the upgrade, did you get a somewhat confusing error message about
> the partition table being invalid?  It's listed on the common bugs page.
> Disable the HPA by passing libata.ignore_hpa=1.  This was the default on
> previous kernels.

I got that error way back when testing F7 test1 and leads pointed to 
problems with parted. I never attempted an upgrade with the command. I 
did not hear mention of the problem until I upgraded FC6 to FC7. I did 
add the entry to modprobe.conf before rebooting and got a kernel panic.
I then attempted to get into rescue mode and since it panicked also, I 
just booted into development and removed the extended partition and 
setup a new extended partition containing two partitions.

I no longer have the error on the first drive. I also am unaware of 
anyone successfully using the installer with that option. If I looked 
for the original bugzilla report leading to the "release note", I might 
find it.

Anyway, without the option added, parted will fail and fdisk will be 
able to write a corrected partition table if booted into an FC7 kernel.

In the new environment of F7 kernels, parted and fdisk work differently.

About the lvm which extended within the protected sectors that could not 
be accessed in development, the lvm (swap in my case could not be mounted.)

Now my question, did anyone on the list successfully upgrade their 
systems after passing that option onto the installer? I am curious as to 
how carrying the baggage effects parted and fdisk and LVM management.


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