Dependency issues with pirut?

Dan ml at
Mon Jun 4 09:06:19 UTC 2007

I think I'm running into some issues with pirut not correctly fetching all
dependencies. I normally only use yum, but i figured I would try out the
graphical package manager.

On Saturday I installed F7 without issue. I installed a heap of packages -
some from fedora, some from livna. This clearly worked, as there was no
issues, and everything I installed appeared to work.

On Sunday I installed some more packages, namely: vavoom (doom), openarena
(quake), Apache mod_geoip, Apache mod_ssl, and a heap more.

After pirut had finished I found Apache would not start, and complained
that libGeo_IP was missing. Also, the doom and quake software I installed
would not start, again complaining various shared libraries were missing.

I manually installed the GeoIP package, which seemed to fix the libGeo_IP
error, but now apache was complaining about missing distcache shared

I then used yum to remove and then reinstall mod_ssl. On re-install, yum
picked up that distcache was needed, and correctly installed all

At this point Apache started to work properly.

So I repeated this exercise with vavoom, which complained about various
missing libs, one of which was SDL_net. I removed vavoom, then reinstalled
it, and yum again correctly installed SDL_net and other dependencies.

Based on all this I assume the actual packages are all ok, and all contain
valid dependencies.

Has anyone else seen this, or was this a freak occurrence ?

(BTW F7 - best release yet, and I've been using Redhat since 4.1 or 4.2)

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