Changing to different video card properly

Benjamin Lewis ben.lewis at
Mon Jun 4 16:07:18 UTC 2007

This may not be the correct way, but on both Windows and Fedora I always
change back to the most basic driver before changing (i.e. the Generic
VGA on Windows, or vesa on Fedora)

Saves lots of wailing and teeth gnashing!
Barry Yu wrote:
> FC6 - Every time I changed from a video card to a different one I
> always got problem mainly the X server won't start, when removed
> xorg.conf filel and restartx sometimes it will auto detect the new
> card but not every time.
> What is the the proper procedure to switch to a new video card?
> Especially the new one is a dual head ATI X1300 chip.
> What is the difference between X -config and system-config-display


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