Need help w/ bcm43xx-mac80211 issues? (ndiswrapper, considered harmful)

David G. Miller dave at
Mon Jun 4 16:45:46 UTC 2007

Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at> wrote:

> It would be nice indeed if ndiswrapper would work, but its lsmod displayed use 
> count is 0.  If someone who has it working would please post that snippet of 
> their lsmod report so I could compare, I'd appreciate it.
[dave at spindle ~]# lsmod | grep ndis
ndiswrapper           231360  0

This is from an x-paste from an xterm that I used to ssh into my laptop 
while it only had a wireless connection (air gap to the wire).  Looks 
like zero usage is normal.  For comparison, the wired driver usage looks 

[dave at spindle ~]# lsmod | grep 8139
8139cp                 41856  0
8139too                44992  0
mii                    22656  2 8139cp,8139too


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