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Mon Jun 4 21:21:38 UTC 2007

>At 11:39 AM -0700 6/4/07, Knute Johnson wrote:
>>I need to move my mail server and apache to another computer that
>>will run F7.  How do I backup my users and keep their passwords and
>>mail files?  Shoud I backup /home?  Where are the user passwords
>User account info is stored in:
>    /etc/passwd
>    /etc/shadow
>    /etc/group
>    /etc/gshadow
>When setting up the new system, before /any/ user accounts are created,
>take all the entries in the general user ID range (>500) and append them to
>the corresponding files on the new system.  Then a restored /home and any
>other directories that might have those UIDs in them will show properly.
>/root is also a "home" directory.
>/var/spool/mail may contain user mail, which is also often stored in user
>home directories.
>/var/www usually contains Apache httpd's files, and they may also be stored
>in user home directories.
>/var/lib/mysql contains the MySQL databases.
>/var may contain other useful directories, depending on what is running.
>Tomcat may serve from /var, or from wherever Tomcat is installed.
>/etc should be backed up, in order to have access to the current config
>files for Apache httpd, sendmail, etc.
>You should set up and test the new server completely before taking down the
>old server.  You will probably have forgotten something that you want from
>the old server.

Thanks very much.  What are the passwd- and group- directories?  Are 
they some sort of backup?

Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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