Virtualization hassles

stan stanl at
Mon Jun 4 21:41:07 UTC 2007

On Mon, 4 Jun 2007 21:54:44 +0100
"John Lagrue" <jlagrue at> wrote:

> I have at least two problems running a virtual machine on F7
> 1. Running qemu from hte command line means I can create a virtual
> disk, run a virtual machine and install Windows XP on it. I can do
> this because it enables me to define the cdrom on the command line
> with "-cdrom /dev/cdrom". But I can't get any further because it keeps
> giving me an error saying "A problem is preventing Windows from
> accurately checking the license for this computer"
> If I run the same virtual machine from the virtual machine manager I
> don't get that error. But I don't get the CD ROM either
> 2. The above was obtained with QEMU. If I try to connect the Virtual
> Machine Manager to XEN I get an error that tells me that either I'm
> not running a XEN-enabled kernel, or the XEN service isn't running.
> Unfortunately, it is running!

I recall from an article about xen that it needs modifications to the
OS.  So unless Microsoft are supporting Windows under xen, it isn't
going to work.  

> Any advice from anyone on either of these? I would love to do away
> with dual-booting my laptop and just run Vista in a VM when I need it,
> but so far I'm not having a lot of luck.

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