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Tony Nelson tonynelson at georgeanelson.com
Mon Jun 4 22:00:25 UTC 2007

At 11:56 PM +0530 6/4/07, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>Tony Nelson wrote:
>> At 7:17 PM +0530 6/4/07, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>> Mark Haney wrote:
>>>> Okay, obviously I"ve missed something.  I expected there to be an
>>>> 'upgrade' option in the 'Install from CD' link on the LIVE CD desktop. I
>>>> was wrong.  how do I upgrade a system using the CD?  I followed the
>>>> install process, but I didn't like getting the feeling I was going to
>>>> lose everything if I did it that way.
>>>> I have a dozen or so boxes I need to upgrade that don't have DVD-drives.
>>>>  And I certainly don't want to use yum, as my test box blew a gasket
>>>>on it.
>>>> And I've found to M to RTF, so I'm lost.
>>> Live images can't support upgrades since they just copy the entire image
>>> into the file system. You have several options including a network or
>>> hard disk installation from DVD images using the boot/rescue.iso images.
>> Rahul -- I'm rather ignorant here, but ISTM that the respin tool (Revisor?)
>> could be set up so that someone needing CDs could take the DVD image and
>> have it written out onto CDs.  Is this doable, but just not done yet?  If
>> so, should someone attempting to do this be encouraged to share their
>> results?  (I don't need CDs.)
>Revisor can use the command line Pungi tool to create regular CD images
>out of Fedora repositories (official, third party or custom) . It doesnt
>split the DVD into CD images though. Revisor is already in the
>repository now so a RFE can be filed in bugzilla. As I have pointed out
>before this article gives you some more information.

Glancing at the article, it appears that one could use the DVD's /repodata
folder to set up a repository using the DVD as the source, and have a
pungi.conf set up to create a CD set from that repo.  It would take about
3x the size of the DVD, as pungi will copy all the repos from the DVD, and
then make CDs from them.  OTOH, pungi gathers the rpms to make a "directory
tree"; perhaps the DVD already qualifies and pungi can be told to make CDs
from that.

Unfortunately, the online pungi docs describe the plan for pungi, rather
than the reality or how to use it, and the pungi rpm doesn't include any
documentation on how to use it either.  The article you linked to claims
that those places provide the documentatiion, which shows that there isn't
any yet.  I'm not going to read the source to figure it out.  This may be
why no one has done the presumably simple task of makeing a pungi.conf that
will split the DVD into CDs.  I suppose I could file an RFE against pungi
to actually provide documentation on using it.
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