Upgrade from LIVE CD option

Tony Nelson tonynelson at georgeanelson.com
Tue Jun 5 00:23:02 UTC 2007

At 3:55 AM +0530 6/5/07, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>Tony Nelson wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the online pungi docs describe the plan for pungi, rather
>> than the reality or how to use it, and the pungi rpm doesn't include any
>> documentation on how to use it either.  The article you linked to claims
>> that those places provide the documentatiion, which shows that there isn't
>> any yet.  I'm not going to read the source to figure it out.

OK, I lied.  It looks like it might almost be able to do it, if it can use
the DVD as a repo (haven't actually fired it up yet) but it will wastefully
copy everything.  It might be possible to just use the DVD as if it were
the cache, if I figure out what that cache should look like.

ISTM that someone who understands pungi could make a little script and a
couple of config files that would take a DVD image and spit out CDs.  No
extra space would be needed on the mirrors, yet those who need CDs could
easily have them.  I don't think I can do it, but I could be wrong.  Pungi
might need a couple of changes.

>> This may be
>> why no one has done the presumably simple task of makeing a pungi.conf that
>> will split the DVD into CDs.  I suppose I could file an RFE against pungi
>> to actually provide documentation on using it.
>Have you looked at

Yes!  I know you're busy, but looking at that link won't take long at all.
Never mind that the article states that there is documentation there,
'cause there ain't.

>There is  a some planning going on in fedora-docs list to write up
>more  documentation for creating custom spins.

That's a real good idea.  Hopefully the PungiDocs wiki pages will be filled
in with, well, documentation.
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