x86_64 Live DVD Feedback

David G. Miller dave at davenjudy.org
Tue Jun 5 01:28:08 UTC 2007

I finally got round to booting my laptop with the FC^h7 Live DVD.  The 
system has 1GB of RAM so I first tried to do a "load image into RAM 
(requires 1GB)".  The system flailed about for a while continuously 
running out of memory (e.g., the initial Firefox with the Fedora welcome 
page never succeeded in starting).  I finally hit the power button and 
rebooted.  This time I chose "run from image" and things worked 
reasonably well.  I'll need to make the fwcutter output available on 
some kind of removable media so I can try bcm43xx.  Otherwise, things 
went well.

Given the above problem I'd suggest that the minimum RAM for loading the 
image be increased to more like 1.5GB or even 2GB.  Also, My system has 
a 2GB swap partition that was ignored.  This seems to be a shame since 
utilizing it would have prevented the out of memory problem.  Maybe 
another choice is needed on the boot menu which says scan the existing 
hard drives for a Linux swap partition.

Another nice enhancement would be to provide a way to mount partitions 
that the provided kernel knows how to access (e.g., have a /old and 
allow the user to selectively mount such partitions under /old).


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