Installing F7 by CD and not by DVD

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Tue Jun 5 05:23:14 UTC 2007

Mike McCarty:
>> I don't understand. Obviously the Fedora Project is already set
>> up to spin CDROM releases. You seem to claim that it is very easy
>> for the end-user to make his own respin. Since Fedora is *already*
>> set up for that, it should be even easier for Fedora to do that.
>> So, if it's so easy, why doesn't Fedora do it, already?

Rahul Sundaram:
> It already does. There are Live CD available. If you are talking about 
> regular non Live CD images I have already answered elsewhere in the same 
> thread. Mirror push back, duplicate packages in different variants, more 
> QA, documentation work, user confusion etc.

This current debacle is *less* of a problem???

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 important to the thread.)

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