cups - 403 forbidden

Frank Cox theatre at
Tue Jun 5 06:01:10 UTC 2007

Now this is interesting...

I have two printers on my network, one connected to this computer (jeff) and one
connected to the next-one-over (mutt).  I have, until now, had the default
printer on jeff set to the printer on mutt.

I was experimenting earlier tonight and set the default printer on jeff to be
Cups-PDF.  Now I want to change the default back to the printer on mutt.

>From the http://localhost:631/printers/ page, when I click on "Set Printer
Options" or "Set as Default", I get a 403 Forbidden page.  Clicking on "Print
test page" works and prints the test page, so I assume the printer is otherwise

What happened here?  Why can't I set my default printer back to what it was?

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