Installing F7 by CD and not by DVD

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Tue Jun 5 09:17:33 UTC 2007

Tim wrote:

>> In this day and age you think 2.9GB is "a lot"?
> Actually, it is quite a lot.  200 GB drives aren't the norm, not yet.

Funny.  Here in Taiwan when you go out to get a system the standard desktop
has 150GB.  The standard laptop is either 60 or 80.  And I really wonder how
much of that space people actually use.

>> And, why does it require repartitioning?
> Wild guess:  The prior installation used one small partition (boot) and
> one large partition (LVM).
> These days, I do my own, normal, ext3 partitioning.  I have a "spare"
> one that stays between installs for such things.  Another option is post
> installation, you make your install space holding the ISO the /tmp
> partition.

Maybe I think ahead to much.

>> They're making 4GB USB disks for less than USD 40 for crying out
>> loud...unless you live in Australia I suppose.
> :-)  I don't think I've actually seen one larger than 2 gigs, here, yet.

The largest here is 16GB.

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