network monitoring(look into converstation)

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Tue Jun 5 13:03:48 UTC 2007

yogesh at wrote:

> On Tuesday 05 June 2007 11:10:40 yogesh banasdairy coop wrote:
>> > hi friends
>> >
>> > i ahev proxy server.and more than 15 pc are connected to proxy server.i
>> > want to monitoring the any activity that they will do.
>> > mainly i want to view /access chat data(yahoo,gmail etc chat)plus web
>> > access
>> >
>> > is there any tools for fedora cor3,4,5,6
>> >
> I wonder if that's ethical? Why do you need to access the chat data? Do you
> want to look into conversations?...
> ya i want to look into conversation
The company I used to work for (Vericept, and 
their competitors make and market such a product.  When I left the 
company in early 2006, there were *no* free equivalents and it was a 
non-trivial problem to match up the two sides of the conversation for 
chat, IM, etc.  This software tends to be quite expensive (e.g., several 
thousand dollars).

We strongly recommended that users of the product publish an "acceptable 
use policy" and notify their users that network use would be monitored.  
There doesn't seem to be any legal obstacle to such monitoring in the 
U.S. but I think some countries don't allow it.  In fact, some U.S. laws 
almost make it a requirement for certain businesses (financial, health, 


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