Yum problem

Tony Nelson tonynelson at georgeanelson.com
Tue Jun 5 13:23:34 UTC 2007

At 7:05 PM +0930 6/5/07, Tim wrote:
>On Mon, 2007-06-04 at 23:16 -0700, Paul Erickson wrote:
>> For some reason I am having trouble with yum on one of my FC6 boxes.
>> It is an older, slower machine, but I don't have any trouble browsing
>> the web on it, but yum is very very slow, and when I try to update or
>> install on it, I keep getting error messages like the following.
>> # yum update
>> Loading "installonlyn" plugin
>> Setting up Update Process
>> Setting up repositories
>> Reading repository metadata in from local files
>> Resolving Dependencies
>> --> Populating transaction set with selected packages. Please wait.
>> ---> Downloading header for cups to pack into transaction set.
>> http://fedora.mirror.iweb.ca/core/updates/6/i386/cups-1.2.8-1.fc5.i386.rpm:
>> [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404: Content-Type: text/html
>You have tried several mirrors resturning 404 errors - those servers
>didn't have the requested file, at the address the client requested it.
>This happens from time to time, thanks to mirrors being out of sync (not
>being ready).  Eventually yum should find one that's okay, but sometimes
>you might have to try a few times, or wait a while for the mirrors to
>finish sorting themselves out.

No, he has a problem with his upgrade from FC5 to FC6.  It's trying to get
.fc5 packages from an FC6 updates repo.  There should not be any such
packages in updates.
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