Customizing Fedora - Revisor

Francisco André distro at
Tue Jun 5 14:18:55 UTC 2007

Hi I having a problem when I use the revisor it runs until the part that 
it tells that are linking release notes. The log doesn't show any error, 
and only half of the packages that I've selected goes to the temp directory.

Does anybody knows what can I do to solve it?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> distro at wrote:
>> Hi All!
>> I new to the list, I using Fedora for 1 month and I like it very 
>> much. So Ie decided to customize Fedora to use in the company that I 
>> work. I'm trying without much success create a Fedora distro with 
>> only the necessaries packages.
>> Until know I could create the iso image but when I try to install 
>> with a kickstart file it runs until the phase were it shows 
>> transferring image installer image to the system and then hang the 
>> machine.
>> Ie read a lot about Fedora 7 and noticed that according to the relase 
>> notes an other news, it now has a lot of tools to help in customizing 
>> a distro. So Ie download and installed it, but I'm not founding any 
>> kind of inforation or tool to do it.
>> Does anyone knows where should I look for, or where I can find these 
>> tools. Thanks!
> See
> Rahul

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