How to get the update notifications working on a installed Fedora KDE Live CD? + wireless problems + RHGB

Mark markg85 at
Tue Jun 5 17:58:34 UTC 2007


Update Notifications not showing up

recently i installed Fedora 7 KDE Live CD and it works good on my acer 5630
notebook. (details:
i also checked if there where updates availible (becuase i didn`t saw any
notifications) and updates where indeed availible.
At this moment i have a few updates in the update list but i don`t see any
notifications. so now i suspect the notifications aren`t installed.

anyone any idea what i need to install to get the notifications working?
(notifcation-daemon + yum-updatesd didn`t do the trick)

Wireless problems

The wireless network in kde (don`t know for gnome because i didn`t install
it yet) is really troubling me..
sometimes it works sometimes it doesn`t.. when it works it`ds likely to be
disconnected pritty fast (within 15 minutes)
also the encryption stuff has some issues.. if i try to connect to my wlan
network i won`t succeed.. instead i need to
add my network manually (with the same settings as that thing detected!!)
and than it`s working.. kinda strange.

Any idea on how to resolve this issue?


Strange enough i don`t have a graphical boot. i did install RHGB but that
didn`t help. my notebook has a intel graphics card.
the startup line (kernel stuff) has "rhgb" in it so that isn`t the problem

any idea on this issue aswell?

Thanx in favor,
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