heads up on ndiswrapper

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Wed Jun 6 05:47:56 UTC 2007

On 06.06.2007 06:39, Knute Johnson wrote:
> D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
>> I don't use ndiswrapper on F7 (yet?).  I did set up Ubuntu on a
>> notebook with ndiswrapper.
>> I found that the then-current ndiswrapper version, 1.43, did not work.
>> I then used the repository version, and that didn't work.  Then I let
>> the author of ndiswrapper to log into my machine and he fixed the
>> problem (I am truly grateful).  He then adopted those fixes (or
>> perhaps something better).
>> I would strongly recommend using 1.46 which has those fixes and
>> others.  Especially if you have a multi-core CPU.  Read the
>> description of the changes here:
>>   http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/joomla/
>> Livna seems to be distributing 1.43 in
>>   http://rpm.livna.org/fedora/7/x86_64/
>> Is that what people are using?
> I've got one USB network device that wouldn't work with 1.43 so I 
> removed the Livna ndiswrapper and downloaded, compiled and installed 
> 1.46.  That fixed the problems with the device.

Does one of you two want to help maintaining the 1.46 version in livna?
It has no proper maintainer currently.


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